We Create Content That Shines

Two forces with a singular focus

TorchHouse Studio is a fully independent production house backed by the resources and award-winning talent at Walz Tetrick Advertising. With its own reputation built over more than 50 years, Walz Tetrick is an insights-driven ad agency that offers a full spectrum of marketing communications services. If your marketing needs go beyond video or photography, the strategic, creative, digital and media experts at Walz Tetrick have what it takes to help you evolve your brand to achieve your business objectives.

Our Team

Ron Berg—Director & DP

More than two decades ago, Ron Berg clicked the shutter on a Kansas City photoshoot, and the creative community has never been the same. Ron began as a commercial photographer, turning his talent for visual storytelling into a national reputation rivaled by few others. Over time, Ron’s ability to direct talent led him to branch into video production. And as his client roster grew, so did the shelves required for his industry awards. Today, Ron shoots both video and stills with an attention to detail and steady demeanor that instill confidence in clients, agencies, talent and crew members.

Micah Watney—Filmmaker & Editor

TorchHouse Studio team member Micah Watney grew up loving movies.  But did you also watch all the behind-the-scenes extras on the DVD as a kid? Micah did. His obsession with how movies get made led him to his current career. Micah likes that editing pushes him to use both sides of his brain – both technical and creative. Some of Micah’s favorite movies include “Parasite” and “La La Land.” But he also loves 1986’s “Little Shop of Horrors”. Why? Google the behind-the-scenes details! While not working, Micah and his wife spend time in the local arts community, whether it’s film, music or theatre.

Judge Simpson—Motion Graphics Editor

Judge tackled his first video project on a whim with friends and quickly discovered it fulfilled an inherent passion for breaking things apart and figuring out how they work.  More than a decade later, he’s a seasoned motion graphics designer, editor, and producer with experience across many different industries. Judge enjoys the creative problem-solving process and the satisfaction of unveiling the final product. His other passions are making his wife and kids laugh, motorcycles, and “the art of getting lost.”

Blaike Clark—Producer & Studio Manager

From poli-sci junkie to analytics nerd, Blaike’s dynamic skillset makes her a certified renaissance woman. Blaike is a thoughtful and hyper-organized leader who brings people and projects together. Creative at heart – logical at work, it was only a matter of time before she got the production bug! Outside the office, Blaike and her husband enjoy exploring new breweries and restaurants in Kansas City and traveling to beautiful places.